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Hydration is a lifestyle!

75% of people are dehydrated!

Mission: inspiring people to adopt hydration as a lifestyle and to enjoy the benefits.

Some of the reasons for what people can’t drink enough water include: 
– they don’t remember
– they don’t like the lack of taste
– they don’t feel thristy
– they ignore the dehydration signs and effects

💧 We create digital content and products to help people staying hydrated and start a healthier lifestyle.

The effort is minimal compared to the amazing health benefits:

  • good mood
  • higher energy level
  • stronger immunity system
  • brighter skin
  • better productivity, focus and memory
  • aids weight loss
  • natural detox
  • better digestion
  • no headaches/backaches
  • better sleep quality
water benefits

Staying hydrated means more than drinking water when you are thristy. Hydration is about: 

drinking the right quantity | during the whole day | eating rich in water foods | avoiding dehydration

How to recognise dehydration?

  • thrist
  • lack of energy
  • sleppiness
  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • bad breath
  • dry skin and wrinkles
  • difficulty in losing weight
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • food cravings, especially for sweets
  • muscle cramps
  • darker urine
  • fever
  • anxiety, depression, irritability
  • rapid heartbeat

So let’s drink more. Water 💧

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