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Why is hydration so important for your health? – part 2

Read 11 benefits of the easiest way to stay healthy (part 2)

Why is hydration so important for health

Everybody talks about healthy habits even there are only trends or diets we are using for years today. Not everything is right for us so they are only recommendations which we have to customize for ourselves. Even exercising which is one of the most popular ways of felling better inside and outside may have some contraindications. Only one habit can’t fail, no matter your age, health state, lifestyle or food diet: hydration 💧.

Drinking water is always a good idea and deciding to drink more everyday will bring you lots of benefits. The problem is that people think those benefits are only regarding a better function of our bodies, but in reality water affects a lot more: from our daily mood to work productivity, energy level or even the look. Let’t continue to review the list of drinking more water benefits:

1. Hydration treats asthma and allergies

Studies have shown the link between dehydration and respiratory problems. The lugs are 83% water so the lack of it affects them and they start to produce mucus. Water is able to balance the histamine production, so proper hydration prevents allergies.

2. Hydration prevents backaches

The bones of your vertebrae are supported by discs, mostly made of water. Insufficient water distroys those discs and produces back pain. Drinking water helps them recover to function properly and to reduce the probability of backaches.

3. Hydration treats sore throat

Staying hydrated helps you to treat sore throat. When you’re not drinking enough water, your body isn’t able to produce enough saliva to maintain the throat naturally lubricant which will affect the inflamation. The best options in these cases are water, hot tea or soups.

4. Hydration helps your concentration level

Dehydration is often seen as an irritability state which transform regular task into troubles, especially when you have to focus on something like reading, learning, physical or intellenctual work. This happens because the brain cells don’t work properly and they have to put an extra effort to perform any task under regular conditions.

5. Hydration for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Pregnant women need a bigger amount of water because their needs are special too: formation of amniotic liquid, fetal development, the nutrients transport, good digestion or eliminate the waste toxins are some of them. Dehydration can lead to problems in the development of the future baby and even for the mom. Drinking enough water also affect the milk production. Moreover dehydration occurs when the water intake is smaller than what you lose and breastfeeding is one example. While breastfeeding, the body relieves oxitocine which makes you feel thristy.

6. Hydration improves hair and nails quality

Just like skin care, both hair and nails need inner treatment to feel and look good. When you’re not drinking enough water, the hair becomes dry, fragile and it breaks easily. Also a dry scalp leads to dandruff. When dehydrated, nails exfoliate and break more often.

7. Water regulates body temperature

One of the best known of water benefits is the capacity to regulate the body temperature. Because of this,  in hot summer days, when your body is heated, you feel the need for water. It’s the body’s own way to prevent overheating: through sweat and replacing the lost water. Therefore water is recommended in case of fever when the body’s temperature is high.

8. Hydration prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones occurs when your urine is too concentrated, a consequence of not drinking enough water. This will lead to difficulties in removing the waste through urine leading to kidney stones.

9. Hydration reduces the risk of tract infections

Another urinary tract problem is the risk of infection. A good hydration level will dilute the urine, preventing urinary infections. Adequate water consumption eliminates bacteria which causes them in a natural way.

10. Hydration relieves stress

One liter of water under the daily need increases the corisol level, which is also knows as the stress hormone. When you’re not drinking enough water, we stress out all the organs which can’t work properly. Actually is a vicious circle: stress dehydrates us and dehydration leads to stress. The solution is of course to drink more water.

11. Hydration improves sleep quality

Hydration helps you to have a better and more restful sleep. But, drinking water right before going to bed can make you go to the toilet during the night and affect the sleep quality. How can we deal with both of them? By drinking water during the whole day, eating rich in water foods, avoiding coffee and alcohol and going to the toilet right before falling asleep.

So water is essential fo health, affects every element or activity. We need it to work properly. If you think it’s difficult to drink enough, you can find help in our products or on the Instagram Page.

Enjoy hydration! 💧


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