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Hydration and diets – How can water help you to lose weight?

For most of us staying in good shape is an important goal. When this happens, you start looking for the best ways of losing weight. Preferably as soon as possible and in a healthy way without the risk of gaining that kilos again after you finish the diet. In top of the best and healthiest ways to really start losing weight are of course the well-know by everyone: sport and nutrition, which means a caloric deficit. Anyhow, my main focus is on hydration and its benefits, so I’ll include the water consumption to my list of essentials habits when you what to lose weight. It doesn’t mean you’ll start losing weight just by drinking enough water, but there are some explanations of how hydration helps your diet, so I’ll make a list.

Water has zero calories

The process of losing weight it’s not hard to understand. At least theoretical. You body needs a certain amount of calories to work, which we take from foods and drinks. When we eat more calories than we actually need, we gain weight. To maintain our weight, the two amounts have to be equal, and to lose weight we have to burn more than what we eat. Therefore there are two ways of losing weight: either we burn more calories (throughtout exercises), either we eat less calories: so we start looking for the light alternatives, avoiding sweets, fast-food or bread and including more fresh fruits and veggies in our daily food diet. No product can’t compete against water when it comes about calories, no matter how few it has. Water has zero calories. Zero. If we’ll replace every drink we have during the day with water, we drastically reduce the calorie intake. I talk about sugar added juices, lemonade, hot chocolate or alcohol, which have a lot of calories. So if we choose water instead of these it will be easier for us to ensure the caloric deficit that will finally help us to lose weight.

Water reduces food cravings

Drinking water creates the feeling of full stomach, which will reduce the food quantity we need. No matter how healthy the food we eat is or how few calories it has, if we eat a lot of it, we’ll gain weight. So, counting the amount of food is the secret to control the calorie intake. Very popular in many diets, snacks are in fact not neccesary, and giving them up is a good way of eating less calories. To support that, there are many studies which have shown that drinking a glass of water before a meal, helps us to eat less because we get to satiety faster and water also removes the fake need of having snacks between meals.

Water helps you burn more calories

Like every other process in our bodies, burning calories needs a proper hydration to work good. Moreover, water helps you burn more calories even when the body rests. Drinking cold water will help you burn a little more, because your body spends more energy and more calories to regulate its temperature.

Hydration and digestion

Digestion is an important part in the weight loss process because it affects how your body removes waste and toxins. Constipation is one of the worst enemies of a good looking body and dehydration is a risk factor. Water helps your kidneys to filter the toxins so if it’s insuffient it can’t do it properly. Especially for women, having a flat belly is a main dream and focus, but without drinking enough water it won’t become a reality because you can’t detox the body in a natural way.

Hydration and sport

As I have already told you, it’s not enough just to eat less calories, you have to burn more. Our bodies burn calories even when we sleep or just sitting on a chair, but physical exercises are on top of to-do-list. Even if we choose to run, lift weights, dance or just walking, the most important thing is to work out our muscles as often as possible. Water improves physical performance and hydration works as an energy booster, but also helps the muscle growth and recovery. Moreover, if you are dehydrated before you start exercising, your heart will have to work harder to pump blood. Another benefit is that hydration reduces muscular cramps and fatigue, so it will be easier for you in the next workout.

So the main point it’s that you can’t have results only by drinking more water without taking care of what and how much you eat or having a sedentary life. It’s about adopting more healthy habits and start a whole new lifestyle. Hydration is an important part of this lifestyle because it helps you reduce the calorie intake and improves your physical performance. With zero calories, water can replace the other sugar added or alcoholic drinks which affect your weight and hydration level. Moreover, water removes the need for snacks between meals, improves digestion so your body will remove the toxins in a proper way and you’ll no longer accumulate them.

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