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How to stay hydrated? – 6 simple daily habits to prevent dehydration

Hydration is more than just drinking water. More important than the quantity you drink is the effect it has: we need a cellular hydration so our body can work properly. An essential step to stay hydrated is to learn more about our enemy. What causes dehydration? How can we recognize it? How to avoid dehydration by changing our lifestyle? By knowing more about dehydration and how it happens, we will avoid the bad habits which affect the hydration level or we’ll start drinking more water in these cases. From morning till night we make dozens of choices, but with some little changes we can avoid dehydration and stay healthy and full of energy.

1. Start with a glass of water

When it comes to drinking water, there are two important aspects: quantity and frequency. The daily water need depends on many factors, but more important is the frequency. A proper hydration is drinking water during the whole day. This could be the hardest task especially in busy days, but what you can do it not to skip the most important glass of water: the one you drink in the morning. First thing you have to do right after waking up in the morning is having a big glass of water. There a lot of reasons and benefits of doing this. During the night sleep, our body cleans itself. By drinking water, you help remove waste throughout urine, like a natural detox process. Moreover, during the nightime we lose liquids by sweating and breathing, so we’ll have to replace them. Drinking water in the morning also helps digestion and prevents dehydration caused by coffee.

2. Limit the amount of coffee

Drinking coffee on empty stomach can be extremely dehydrating, and its diuretic effect makes us lose even more liquids. Coffee creates a faster kidney activity which makes us urinate more often. To prevent dehydration we can either limit the amount of coffee to one single cup a day, either to replace it with caffeine-free tea. It’s very important to drink water along with your morning coffee to replace the water loss. Another tip is adding milk in your coffee which can lead to a less harmful effect on our hydration level.

3. Avoid sugary drinks

Coffee is not the only thing which dehydrates us, sugar has the same effect, even stronger. Sugar added drinks don’t quench the thrist and on contrary make is worse. Sugary juices, lemonade, vitamin water, milkshakes, hot chocolate, even sweetened tea don’t replace water and dehydrate us more. The sweet taste is addictive and the result would be we’ll need more and more but without reaching the feeling of satiety. If this isn’t enough, you have to know that sugary drinks have a lot of calories, so will affect your weight loss process. The best decision is to replace these drinks with water. Don’t be fooled by a good packaging or advertising. Every drink from supermarket which contains flavours or dyes, also contains sugar. The only healthy alternative for a hydrating and healthy, but still tasty drink is to choose infused water with fresh or frozen fruits or water based smoothies to limit the amount of calories. You can find 27 ideas to finally drink more water using easy recipes of detox water, smoothies and ice tea in our shop.

4. Avoid fast food and alcohol

In top of the most dehydrating products there are also salt and alcohol. Like sugar, salt is in every product which can be found in shops. The more processed is, the higher the salt content, because salt works as a preservative. Eating too much salt also leads to water retention which is the impossibility to eliminate the water in a natural way and and its storage in tissues. From french fries to burgers, popcorn and canned foods, they all have a high salt content which dehydrates us. Limit these foods and make sure you drink enough water after eating fast food. In fact, our body sends us a signal by the thrist we feel right after eating something salty.


The alcohol is the worst when it comes to hydration. Like coffee, it has a diuretic effect which makes you urinate and remove the liquids from the body. Drinking alcohol before going to bed affects the sleep quality due to its dehydrating effect. Not to mention the next day hangover caused by the lack of water which leads to headaches, dizziness, confusion and tiredness.

5. Eat more rich in water fruits and veggies

Fresh fruits and veggies have a rich water content and eating them in a raw form aids a proper hydration level. About 20% of our water daily need comes from food if we choose the right one. Moreover, a vegan food diet is a good source of electrolytes, substances which help cells to absorb water faster and to rehydrate the body. But which are the right foods? In top of the list there are cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini, followed by tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, apples, strawberries and citrus. Replacing sweets with fresh fruits will bring you a lot of benefits, including for your silhouette.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep has many health benefits, it aids weight loss and helps us in keeping a good hydration level. The lack of sleep leads to dehydration because it prevents the release of a hormone responsible for keeping the body hydrated. A sleep of 7-8 hours is essential for adults therefore when we don’t get enough rest during the night, the next day we will be in a bad mood, nervous and irritated, the effects of dehydration. Studies have shown that after a sleepless night, when we feel tired, the best remedy is to drink a lot of water to rehydrate the body.

The key of a well hydrated body is to adopt small healthy habits in our lifestyle. With a few little things we can improve the life quality more than we can ever imagine. Drink water, avoid foods and drinks which contain sugar, salt or alcohol because they are the most dehydrating of all, choose a food diet based on fresh fruits and veggies and make sure you sleep enough. The results will be amazing with a minimal effort.

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