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How to drink more water? 9 tips for an adequate hydration

When we talk about proper hydration, most of us recognize that we can’t drink enough. Either we forget, either the lack of its taste, people have many excuses for not staying hydrated. Luckily, there are many ways to train our habits and start drinking enough water. Remember that even there are a lot of alternatives to water, nothing can compete against its health benefits. Water is essential to life and to optimal functioning of the body. It is also important for digestion, nutrient absorption, blood flow, lubrication and removing water. It is a cleaning agent for our organism. So let’s review the main tips to drink enough of it.

1. Start your morning with water

The night sleep is the longest period of time while we’re not drinking water at all. After a sleep of 7-8 hours, is essential to start the day with a big glass of water. It rehydrates the body, helps our digestion, boosts our metabolism and gives us more energy. Moreover, the sleep acts like a natural way of the body to clean itself from toxins and drinking enough water helps us to remove them throughout urine and feces. And because a good day starts with a good morning, when we plan to start healthier habits, nothing is better than starting the day like this.

2. Replace other drinks with water

A reason for not drinking enough water is that we prefer tastier drinks instead of it. And even if these drinks contain water, in reality they don’t hydrate us and on contrary they dehydrate us even more. Alcohol, caffeine and sugar have this effect. When you choose a drink, check if it contains one of these. Don’t count any drink to your water intake, but supplement the amount of water whenever you drink coffee, alcoholic beverages or sugary drinks. When you go out, don’t order juices or a sugar added lemonade and instead choose a glass of water. Sparkling or still, water is healthy and moreover it has zero calories.

3. Set a daily goal

Having a goal in your mind is a strong enough motivation to reach it. People would focus more and will have a greater satisfaction after reaching it. This will make them go forward. How much water do you have to drink daily? Either you use the 8 glasses a day rule, either you calculate the water amount according to your weight (by multiplying the number of kilograms by 33ml of water), when you know your water need it’s easier to concentrate and drink enough. Many apps allow you to add the water intake and so that you always know how much you need to consume to reach your daily goal. You can also do it manually. Draw a symbol like a drop or a glass or mark in the diary every time you drink a glass of water.

4. Upgrade your water with fresh fruits

In terms of taste and appearance, juices are the winner at the expense of water, especially since they contain sugar, and its pleasant and sweet taste is addictive. That is why we will choose a sweetened drink, and we will consume less water. But even water can become interesting with a bit of imagination. Infuse the water with fresh fruits or use ice for a more attractive taste and appearance. The fruits will also vitaminize the water. You can use colorful ice cubes, frozen fruits or herbs, whatever makes the water look like an exotic cocktail. Stay away from sugar! You can find some ideas of no sugar drinks based on water in our e-book Waterdrops (27 simple recipes of detox water, bur also smoothies ideas and ice tea).

5. Drink water at room temperature

During the summer we tend to add ice in our drinks or to choose cold options. The reality is that cold drinks give us a false impression of cooling and hydration by lowering the body temperature at the moment. In fact, cold drinks don’t stay long enough in the body. Our organism eliminates them quickly, which means they can’t hydrate us at a cellular level. We drink water, but we don’t hydrate. Therefore, drinking water at room temperature is the best option for a proper hydration. In addition, because it doesn’t give us any discomfort, we will be able to drink more. Even at high temperatures, avoid very cold drinks.

6. Set reminders

Dehydration doesn’t have strong signs like hunger or lack of sleep for example, so it’s easier to forget to drink water. Many people, even when they are dehydrated, don’t feel thirst, so they think they don’t need to drink water. But the thirst isn’t the only sign of dehydration. Dehydration can be associated with many other conditions such as fatigue, sleepiness, sweets cravings, muscular cramps, dry mouth, headaches, dizziness or lack of focus. So no matter how you feel, you have to drink water during the whole day. Set reminders not to forget! It can be anything: an alarm, a note, your agenda of even the water bottle.

7. Sip water continously

The correct way of drinking water is by sipping it during the day. If your water need is 3l daily, you don’t have to drink half of it in the morning and rest in the evening, but to constantly drink small amounts. Otherwise, the effect would be the same as when we drink cold water: too much water at once will suddenly make the body to eliminate it quickly by urine, so it will not hydrate us.

8. Keep the glass always full

Having always a glass of water or a bottle nearby, it will remind you to stay hydrated. It acts like a visual reminder. Moreover, if you refill the glass or the bottle right after you finish it you will always be able to know how much you have consumed and how much is left to achieve the goal. In fact, the first step to drink more water is to have it around you. Choose a nice glass or a water filter jug. This is a good way to ensure yourself that you never run out of good drinking water.

9. Use a straw

When you use a straw, you tend to drink more and more often because it becomes much simpler. But to avoid plastic consumption, look for reusable options. Nowadays, you have a lot of alternatives that replace plastic: paper, bamboo, glass or even recycled materials. In addition, you already know that drinking from plastic bottles is not the healthiest alternative.

Choose from the list of recommendations to drink more water, those that suit your lifestyle. Learn that to stay hydrated, on the one hand it is important to drink the amount of water you need, on the other hand the frequency matters. Once you learn some basics, it will be much easier for you to drink enough water, you will no longer feel it as a task, but it will become a daily habit. Remember that it is not enough to drink correctly just once, but it’s something you have to do every day. Find your daily inspiration and motivation on our Instagram page. 💧

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