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Hydration during the holiday – 5 tips to avoid dehydration this summer

Hydration requires routine in order to become a lifestyle. Staying hydrated during the summer holiday can be a challenge as we change the environment, the climate or even the time zone. Every day is different, and it could be a reason to forget to drink enough water. Moreover, there are a lot of things which can dehydrate us so let’s review them and learn how to recognize dehydration in order to avoid it and enjoy the holiday. A dehydrated body can ruin our vacation plans more than we think, so don’t ignore this.

What leads to dehydration during the summer holidays?

The temperature is a factor which directly affects the water daily needs. Our bodies need a bigger amount of water because of the high risk of dehydration at extreme temperatures. During the summer we feel more thirsty because of the higher body temperature which makes us sweat more and lose water. To replace the water loss, we have to drink more. Another situation which dehydrates us during the holiday is flying by plane. The air is extremely dry due to the high altitude, and a two hours flight is enough to dehydrate us. The other means of transport are not more beneficial in the fight against dehydration. Travelling by car has the same effect, so it is recommended to allow fresh air to enter at least once at 30 minutes. When we think of the summer vacation, most of us have in mind a sunny beach to relax on all day long. But this habit, as pleasant as it is, is detrimental to the level of hydration. Bronzing makes us thirsty, can dry out the skin and can cause sunburns, so drinking water is essential. Also avoid sun exposure during peak hours. Culinary temptations are everywhere on holiday, especially because the holiday period is seen as cheat days. Sweets, very spicy food, salt, meat products, alcohol or sweetened drinks are just some of the delicious options which dehydrate us. So try not to exaggerate.

Dehydration signs during the holiday

Thirst is not the only sign we need to drink more water. Headaches, fever, muscular cramps or tiredness are also symptoms caused by sunburn and dehydration. On the other hand, dehydration also comes with fatigue, irritability and bad mood, other reasons to avoid it. Checking the urine color is a quick and efficient way to find out if you drank enough water or not. A colorless shade means we are well hydrated, meanwhile a darker color is a sign of dehydration. The skin tells us a lot about our hydration level. When the skin is rough and dry, you have to drink more water. Dehydrated skin leads to wrinkles and affects the bronze quality, so keeping your body well hydrated improves the bronze durability because a hydrated skin will be more elastic and even brighter.

How to avoid dehydration during the holiday?

If you notice at least one of these signs, you might be dehydrated. If we learn what causes it, we can avoid it by drinking more water when we are traveling, laying on the beach or eating unhealthy stuff. Here are some recommendations which might help you:

  1. Always keep a bottle nearby

Whether you’re on the road or spending many hours in the sun, make sure you always have a bottle of water nearby. Ideally, you should be able to keep it at an optimal temperature of 21-23 degrees. Too low temperatures does not hydrate properly due to the fact that water is eliminated almost immediately throughout urine, and a too high temperature is also dangerous, especially when we choose for plastic containers. At high temperatures, pieces of plastic begin to detach and reach into the water. Alternatives to plastic include glass, copper or other metal containers.

  1. Choose rehydrations salts

The electrolytes are substances which allows hydration between and inside cells. But in some cases, our body losses these electrolytes when we lose a big amount of water in a short time, like sun exposure at high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure an optimal level of electrolytes to replace them and keep us hydrated. Hydration salts are a good option that should be kept in mind when traveling.

  1. Eat rich in water fruits

The fruits are a good and delicious source of water. When we visit exotic places, we can enjoy a lot of different fruits. Some examples include watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, mango, peaches or citrus. Soups or salads are great ideas to keep you hydrated. Moreover, fruits are the best to infuse your water, which makes you drink more water due to its flavor. Find some inspirational ideas of infused water or smoothies in our e-book Waterdrops – 27 ideas to finally drink more water.

4. Avoid too much alcohol

Alcohol is diuretic because makes you lose water by urine, which leads to dehydration. To avoid this, for every glass of alcohol you have, you should drink a glass of water in order to avoid the hangover. As a general rule, try to avoid drinking alcohol right before going to bed, because this will affect the sleep quality. If you still can’t prevent the hangover, drink plenty of water, choose tomato juice or eat a lot of watermelon to rehydrate your body as soon as possible.

5. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep makes us tired and this leads to the release of the stress hormone in the body and dehydrates us. A 7-8 hours nigh sleep is extremely important to keep us hydrated, so try to avoid the physical overload we are prone to on vacation days. A lot of activities, many places to visit, new people and so many experiences can exhaust us during the day, so make sure you get enough rest during the night to have enough energy.

To really enjoy the summer holiday, so long awaited, keep in mind your healthy habits. Relaxing does mean to ignore hydration, sleep or healthy food. A few days when we don’t follow the diet according to plan won’t affect your fit body, but hydration can not take breaks. Our body can’t work properly when you need water, and even a loss of 2% will affect us. Moreover, dehydration can come which so many and unpleasant signs so that they can affect our entire vacation. Drink more water and find your daily inspiration on our Instagram Page.

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