How to check if you are well hydrated? 5 signs that you drink enough water

The daily water requirement is not a general rule. There are internal and external factors that can affect the amount of water your body needs to function properly. Gender, age, weight, activity level, diet or climate and relief are some of the aspects that determine how much water you should drink per day. There is a simple explanation for this: some people are prone to dehydration (for example, breastfeeding women), and there are other factors that dehydrate us in our daily activities, so we need to consume additional fluid. But how can we check if we have drunk enough water? The simple fact that we are not thirsty is not a meaningful sign. Dehydration does not always manifest itself through symptoms, which is why it’s so difficult to forget about it. However, there are a few ways to tell if we are drinking enough or not enough water.

1. Urine color

One of the simplest yet correct ways to determine if we are properly hydrated is to check urine color. With adequate fluid intake, urine becomes more dilute and its color should be light yellow or transparent. The less water we consume, the darker the color of the urine. An exception is taking medications or health problems such as urinary tract infections, which can also affect urine color. In this case, urine may be dark in color even if you drink enough water. Foods and beverages can also affect the color of urine, such as beets, blueberries or rhubarb.

2. The frequency of urine

Not only the color is a sign, but also the frequency. When we drink more water, we need to excrete it. The fastest and safest way to do this is through urine. A well-hydrated and healthy person should pee every 2-3 hours. If we start drinking more water after chronic dehydration, these breaks can be even more frequent until the body gets used to the new habit. Even if they can be annoying because they interrupt you, toilet breaks are perfectly normal when you have a hydrated body. Moreover, they mean you eliminate waste and toxins from the body – great news for health, energy level and weight loss and detox diets.

3. Skin elasticity

The skin is the biggest organ of our body, and it’s made up of almost 64% water. That’s why hydration is so important for the it – it improves its appearance, making it brighter and younger. Water ensures skin elasticity. Some specialists talk about checking the hydration level by checking the skin elasticity. Pinch some skin from your abdomen or lower arm – if it returns to the initial state immediately, then you are well hydrated. If the process is too slow, you should drink more water.

4. Fresh breath

Insufficient water intake leads to dry mouth due to the fact that the body can’t produce enough saliva. Saliva has a protective and disinfectant role against bacteria, so in its absence, they will begin to multiply, which will lead to bad breath. If your breath is fresh, you can be sure you’re well hydrated.

5. Test your nail

When the surface of the nail is pressed, it whitens. This is because the blood is forced to go out. Normally, the blood returns in 2 seconds or less. If you are dehydrated, it may take longer for the area to return to a shade of pink. To do this test, you need to follow a few simple steps:

– Hold the test hand over your heart

– Press the surface of the nail until it becomes white / lighter in color

– Release the pressure.

– It takes a few seconds for the nail color to return to normal – if it returns in no more than two seconds, you are properly hydrated.

Once you have decided that it is time to drink more water, next step is to understand how much is enough for your own needs. Too much water is not a good idea, because your kidneys can’t get rid of excess water, and your blood sodium becomes diluted. If you want to know if you are well hydrated, look for the signs. Did you fail the nail test? Remember to drink more water with our creative wallpaper.

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