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Produse digitale pentru a te menține hidratat

We check our phones every 10 minutes. 📱 That’s almost 100 times a day❗

This is why the right phone wallpaper can become a great personal assistant if you want to change some old habits into a healthier lifestyle.

And since we all know that about 75% of people are dehydrated and they don’t even know it, your phone wallpaper can now become the perfect water reminder. 💧

❗❗❗Think about! If you take just a little sip of water every time you see your phone screen, you’ll drink exactly 2 liters of water daily! So, mission accomplished.

Download the guide and say ,,Hello!” to hydration. Learn how to stay hydration by drinking enough water, in the correct way, eating rich in water foods and avoiding dehydration.

Here’s the plan:

💧 Our story
💧 Water benefits
💧 How much water should I drink daily?
💧 Dehydration signs
💧 Drinks which dehydrate you
💧 How to say Hi! to hydration
💧 Start drinking more water
💧 Eat more water – We have deleloped for you a meal plan for 7 days.


– breakfast, lunch and dinner hydrating ideas for every day of the week
– hydrating ideas for snacks (2 ideas for every day)
– the perfect timing to drink water

💧 Alternatives to water
💧 Avoid dehydration
💧 When drinking water isn’t a good idea

The guide has video content (clickable images).

You’ll get 👇

💧 16 water benefits for women – Why should a diva drink more water?
💧 17 detox water ideas – How can drinking water become fancy?
💧 9 snack ideas to stay fit and hydrated – How to help your hydration level by food?
💧 4 water diets – How can water help you lose weight?

The results? Fit body, healthy lifestyle, good mood, natural beauty! That’s how a diva should look like! 👄

One of the most common excuses for not drinking enough water is the lack of taste, so people think it’s boring. That’s why we prefer sugar added beverages.

WRONG! Sugar is one of the most dehydrating of all.

Discover 27 simple and healthy ideas: smoothies, detox water and ice tea, whether you like sweeter, sour or slightly bitter drinks.

Unul dintre motivele pentru care nu bem mai multa apă este faptul ca nu ne place gustul. Mai exact lipsa lui. Din această cauză, optăm pentru sucuri din comerț.

GREȘIT! Zahărul nu face altceva decât să ne deshidrateze și mai tare.

Descoperă colecția noastră ce cuprinde 27 de rețete simple și sănătoase: smoothie-uri, apă infuzată și ceai rece, pe gustul oricui, fie că îți plac băuturile mai dulci, acrișoare sau ușor amărui.

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